Connexa. Connecting the Dots to build Sustainable Online Communities.


A free, centralized digital toolkit to organize and scale online communities,
and execute on monetization strategies.

BERN, SWITZERLAND – February, 2017 – Connexa, a global startup created by business innovators, releases a digital platform that provides seamless connectivity between various digital community management tools, for truly unified operations of an online community.

Connexa is a premier platform to build, scale and sustain online communities, providing the opportunity to create a customized site and choose from a variety of free social and digital tools, enabling community builders to develop positive user experiences and achieve sustainability.

Carlos Marquez, Co-Founder, and CEO of Connexa states, “We believe community builders have a larger impact than is recognized and we are excited to be able to bring premium level service to them to make their jobs easier. We want to build profitable and sustainable online communities because the overwhelming majority of internet users are part of one or more online communities and we believe these connections are powerful.”

The platform shapes communities through an organized space; integrates frequently used digital and social media features; allows the creation of events and professional network opportunities; and the integration of monetization tools and payment solutions.

With Connexa, community builders are also able to join a free knowledge center that offers digital and social insights, community management strategies and tips on content, advocacy, engagement, and monetization.

Dogan Kaleli, Co-Founder, and Chief Business Development Officer for Connexa states, “There are no other platforms currently offering this level of integration of digital functions. For professionals who hold community management roles, centralizing tools creates opportunities to build scalable business ventures within and for their community. We’re excited to provide new measures for success.”

Connexa leadership has embedded deep industry expertise into the platform to serve communities in the non-profit and corporate sectors, academic institutions, government agencies, co-working spaces, professional networks and interest-based organizations.

Highlighting the power of bringing people together, this multi-disciplinary team operates in eight countries in North and South America and Europe, demonstrating passion, curiosity, and innovation as key factors for communities to maintain their unique presence, operate efficiently and have long-standing influence.

Connexa, founded in 2016, has already onboarded 18 early adopter communities, connecting over 15k community members through its platform.

On February 2017, Connexa was officially named to the 2017 Class of Startup Exhibitors by the Startup Grind Global Conference in Silicon Valley, CA, handpicked from the pool of 6,000+ startups in  80 countries worldwide.

As a team, Connexa is deeply inspired by the impact that every community, on and offline, has on individual lives. Online communities have infinite potential, and Connexa’s mission is to bring it out.

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