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What is Connexa?

Connexa is a free community building tool that helps you organize, scale and sustain your community by connecting and engaging your members in a social, attractive and trustworthy environment.

Connexa provides a central digital place reachable from anywhere for groups of people to gather around and coordinate their efforts. Whether it’s an alumni network, a university, a non-profit organization, a digital community or any other; we bring out the maximum potential of those communities and ensure a better user experience through customer success at our core.

I'm a Community Builder: How can I register my community on Connexa?

Registering a community in Connexa is easy.

  1.  Go to
  2.  Fill the form with your email, password, name of your community and your community URL.
  3. Click on Create my Community.
  4. Go to the email you provided and confirm is you.

Helpful info:
• Your email is the address where you receive admin notifications from Connexa and your community; as well as notifications as a user from your community. Notice that the user that creates a community takes the main Community Builder role. Avoid including personal use email.

The Community URL is the address where your Community Members register and sign into your community. This URL is a Connexa subdomain. Once you register, you can set your a custom domain for your community.

What is a Community Builder?

A Community Builder is the person who manages a community, exerts leadership focused on building a sustainable community and conducts all efforts towards a common goal or interest, carrying and preserving the community background, values and vision to hold together the network and its community culture.

Community Builders empower and encourage community members planning the community operations and activities and generating valuable content. A Community Builder has an Admin role inside the community, and this role can be expanded to other members.

I'm a Community Member: Where can I sign into my community?

Community Members are active users of the community by contributing and participating in the network activities.

The attributions of the Community Members vary regarding the settings that the Community Builder determined.

What is a Community Member?

Community Members are active users of the community by contributing and participating in the network activities.

The attributions of the Community Members vary regarding the settings that the Community Builder determined.

Can I register a community if I'm not the official representative?

As the main Community Builder (the user who registered the community), you can invite the community leaders and assign as many admin roles as your community needs.

Every member of a community can be a leader and an initiator of great things. However, if your community has a specific structure and official representatives, you might want to align your thoughts with the Community Builder first.

I lost my Community URL, what should I do?

Fill this form selecting Get help and write us a message with the title “Lost my community URL”. A Customer Success Manager will get back to you with the requested info.

Do my community members have to pay to sign up in my online community?

No, your community members don’t have to pay to sign up in my online community.

Connexa is a free community network tool for all Community Members. There are no deadlines or free limited periods. Both Community Builders and Community Members can enjoy connection for free without time limits.

I don’t need some of the features, what can I do?

If you are planning not to use some of the functionalities of the left sidebar and you want to hide them, fill this form and let us know. A Customer Success Manager will get back to you and personalize your functionalities panel.

Can I integrate Connexa with third-party apps?

Currently, we don’t have available integrations with third-party apps, but we’re already working on it.

Let us know which of your favorite apps you’d like to integrate filling out this form. Stay tuned for our product updates here.

Can I download Connexa app to my devices?

Yes. With Connexa, you have access to our mobile app, customized with the look & feel of your community’s brand. If you’re interested in having your own branded mobile app, click here to reach our mobile app add-on.

What does monetization mean?

One of the largest risks community builders face all the time is the lack of funds to sustain their communities. Through monetization strategies, you can set up a value-adding community to your members and start generating revenues (monetization). This will make your community sustainable and fund your growth initiatives.

Connexa has a revenue-sharing business model. Thanks to this model, we’re able to offer all these premium features for free. Once you start monetizing your community, we will share revenues with you.

Which are Connexa monetization tools?

Our available monetization tools are:
Advertisement: Have advertising modules within your community space

Event management: plan an event and sell your tickets thought your own community

Donations: collect donations for private or public causes

In addition, our team is already working on other tools, such as membership fees, crowdfunding, job posts, market place, etc. Stay tuned for our product updates here.

How does the monetization tools work?

Super easy!

1- Create your online community with Connexa. Monetization tools will appear as a default,

2- Set up your Stripe account at here ( Our integrated payment solutions are managed through Stripe.

3- Advertisement will start automatically. In addition, start creating events and invite your members. You can use the ticketing system already embedded in your community. You can as well start your Donations campaign and raise funds for private or public causes through the integration payment solutions via Stripe.

4- Every month, we’ll send you funds, deducting Connexa’s revenue-sharing and the transaction fees charged by our payment solutions partner.

I have a question and I can’t find it in the FAQ, what should I do?

Report a bug, get help or send feedback and ideas filling this form.