We are so much more affected by our environments than we think. This increasingly includes the digital ecosystem we live in. You deserve an environment of people who support you and root for your success. You also need a network that is open to feedback and positive influence to optimize that success.

At Connexa, we believe in the power of this connection. And we know that bringing people together is a lot easier when you have the right space. We are here to bring your community into the digital ecosystem to mobilize in a whole new way.

Think about all the communities you belong to, and the communities you lead. Think about the programs, initiatives, partnerships and events you commit to in support of your community. We’ve connected the dots for you, to build, scale and sustain your communities.

Connexa was founded in 2016 in Bern, Switzerland. We are a community of business innovators. Our community members can be found in Latin America, Europe and the United States, and as a team, we are deeply inspired by the impact our respective communities have had on our lives. We bring that energy to Connexa each day. Your community has infinite potential, and Connexa’s mission is to bring it out.

Our core beliefs and most important values

Who we Are and What We Do

Connexa is a multi-cultural startup with a multi-disciplinary team operating in eight countries in North and South America and Europe. The team puts passion, curiosity, and innovation into each day. Together, we help community builders become better leaders and achieve sustainability for their online communities.
Connexa is the only platform in its space that enables a variety of online transactions with seamless connectivity between various digital management tools to provide a true all-in-one view of an online community.

How we Do It

We know community builders wear many hats and take on a wide scope of initiatives to grow their online communities. We also know that there are endless digital tools and an ongoing need for learning and improvement.

 We’ve made it our job to take on most of that burden and not only become experts in all the latest digital and social management and intelligence tools, but also provide a space for discussion of knowledgeable practices that community builders can be confident in.

Our Core Value: Togetherness

We believe in the power of bringing people together who share common identities and common interests. We believe there should be a space online where these communities can not only maintain their unique presence, but operate efficiently and have long-standing influence. Accordingly, we’ve made it our mission to see community builders thrive by being able to demonstrate the true power of connections and the measurable value of their communities.

Our shared identity as a team is based on the following principles:


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